Häagen-Dazs anticipation eased by AR

Häagen-Dazs: “Concerto Timer” from Jam3 on Vimeo.

Here’s a clever use of AR by the team at Jam3 for Goodby Silverstein and Partners to build an Augmented Reality experience that educates consumers on ‘tempering’, the 2 minute period you should wait till your Haagen-Dazs reaches the ideal soft consistency. It’s a perfect use of AR which is based on simple consumer insight – namely a close examination of a part of the consumption process that has almost a ritualistic dimension. Given that the Augmented Reality Marketing Conference is taking place in the home of Guinness, perhaps one of the exhibiting companies can develop a similar app for consumers to enjoy during that wait for the pint to settle between the first and second pour. Guinness famously had a campaign Good Things Come to Those Who Wait…now AR could adapt that to be Good Things Come While Those Wait