Andy Wise

Andy Wise, Strategic Director Engine Creative
For the past 3 years Andy has been helping Engine Creative to establish themselves as the leading Augmented Reality agency in the UK. The creative agency has delivered AR solutions for clients including Top Gear, Tesco and Lacoste and is currently using their experience to develop Reality Engine, a unique AR publishing solution for brands.
Engine Creative is an award winning, independent creative agency that helps forward thinking brands and organisations engage with their audience. Formed in 1997, evolving year on year and always eager to work with like minded collaborators, they think, do, build and create.
Clients have recommended Engine Creative to the Recommended Agency Register every year since 2008. They have won a number of awards, including most recently the RAR award for Creativity and Innovation, as well as a DRUM Marketing award, they’ve also been recognised in The Drum’s Top 100 Most Awarded Agencies of 2014 and by Luerzer’s Archive as one of the Top 200 Illustrators in the World.
Andy’s role at Engine Creative is focussed on delivering innovative solutions for clients across branding, digital, advertising, broadcast and print.  He is involved in day to day project management whilst always keeping an eye on the bigger picture for the benefit of clients.