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Augmented Reality prominent at Mobile World Congress

A cursory look at the Twitter time-lines from Mobile World Congress shows how much AR has now become embedded in mobile strategy. The global jamboree of mobile exhibitors and delegates provided the perfect platform for some interesting launch news. There was high interest in a presentation by Tomasz Adamek, CTO of Catchoom who demoed their offline image recognition system developed in partnership with Intel. Blippar, who are speaking at Augmented Reality Marketing Conference in Dublin in April, delivered a live demo at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona of the Blippar App that shows Google Glass delivering real-time 3D object recognition augmented reality (AR) for the first time. While those in the audience seemingly were challenged to appreciate the demo due to Bluetooth streaming problems, the experience for the wearer was seemingly flawless. This augurs very well for early creation and adoption of a raft of AR applications for Google Glass.