Jeff Coghlan

Jeff Coghlan was a speaker at the AR Marketing 2014 Conference. He is the creative force and visionary behind Matmi – an award-winning agency, recently ranked in the Develop 100 list as one of the leading games agencies in the UK. Also the founder and director of Matmi, he has over 25 years experience in the games and digital market and his creative vision…

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AR platforms set for gaming giants

It’s hotting up in the gaming space with the launch today of the launch today of a VR device for Sony’s PS4 and hot on the heels of that news, comes word that Microsoft is primed to  new virtual reality/augmented reality effort which aim to create a suite of experiences unique to Microsoft’s Xbox products. This drive for incorporating AR in the gaming world does…

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Samsung and AR: have they fingered it out?

Interesting to observe that Samsung’s ‘Galaxy Glass’ is encompassing a patented augmented reality keyboard that uses a camera to project keys onto people’s fingers to simulate a keyboard. In addition to the novelty of this approach, it does perhaps herald a rise in what might be termed combo-wearables – using wearable technology combined with augmented reality to facilitate repetitive command functions. It’s interesting to…

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Blippar breakthrough for AR Advertising

Last week’s announcement of the launch of Blippar Glass marks a significant milestone in the development of Google Glass as a marketing platform. It marks something of a technical breakthrough, as it had been assumed that Glass relatively low power system did not lend itself to the complexity of AR. While Glass is not yet available to the general public, the app will be…


Häagen-Dazs anticipation eased by AR

Häagen-Dazs: “Concerto Timer” from Jam3 on Vimeo. Here’s a clever use of AR by the team at Jam3 for Goodby Silverstein and Partners to build an Augmented Reality experience that educates consumers on ‘tempering’, the 2 minute period you should wait till your Haagen-Dazs reaches the ideal soft consistency. It’s a perfect use of AR which is based on simple consumer insight – namely a…

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Augmented Reality prominent at Mobile World Congress

A cursory look at the Twitter time-lines from Mobile World Congress shows how much AR has now become embedded in mobile strategy. The global jamboree of mobile exhibitors and delegates provided the perfect platform for some interesting launch news. There was high interest in a presentation by Tomasz Adamek, CTO of Catchoom who demoed their offline image recognition system developed in partnership with Intel….

Brian Mullins

Brian Mullins

Brian Mullins Founder and Chief Executive Officer of DAQRI Brian Mullins has consistently been on the forefront of technology and is a pioneer in the field of augmented reality. His experience with Human Machine Interface and Computer Vision technologies enabled him to found DAQRI and develop its proprietary 4D technologies for the enterprise. Prior to founding DAQRI, Brian transitioned to industrial robotics from the…


Google deepen Augmented Reality involvement

The recent announcement by Google that they are launching an AR game based on the young adult trilogy Endgame is interesting. The game is location based and another pointer to the way that Google sees the opportunity to leverage its huge location oriented datasets. The extent to which this will evolve to appeal to advertisers is, as yet unclear, but the opportunity to place…

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AR Taking Customers Through the Purchase Funnel

Pulling customers through the purchase funnel has now been made a whole lot easier following Amazon’s announcement that its latest App comes with an in-built AR scanner, called ‘Flow’. The idea could not be simpler; a customer simply takes a photo of the item of interest – a camera for example, and Amazon’s app will use its image recognition capability to scan the huge Amazon…