Mathijs Gajentaan

Mathijs Gajentaan

Mathijs Gajentaan is CCO at Twnkls | Augmented Reality, Europe’s leading independent and award-wining Augmented Reality Agency. In this role he is responsible for International Sales, Business Development and Marketing. Prior to joining Twnkls he was founder of Winvolve, which developed highly innovative AR and successful projects for brands as Medtronic, Quiznos, Bell Canada and Scotiabank.

Dave Lorenzini

Dave Lorenzini is an augmented reality visionary and entrepreneur driven to change the way people look at the world. A career of pioneering work in visualization, internet and augmented reality fields has resulted in new ways to see and interact with the world and each other, including, which was acquired by Google and online today as “Google Earth” with over a billion users…


Andrew Jenkinson

Andrew Jenkinson is Director and Co-Founder of The vStream Group. Andrew holds a BSc in Computer Applications from DCU and a Masters in Innovation & Technology Management from The Smurfit School of Business. Prior to founding The vStream Group with childhood friend Niall O’Driscoll, Andrew was a founding member of Irish software startup SteelTrace which was acquired by US Multinational Compuware for $20M in…


Thomas Perpère

Thomas Perpère graduated from INSEAD with an MBA in 2008. He has spent more than 12 years working abroad (China, US, UK) in Communications, Sales, and Strategic Planning. Thomas joined Diotasoft in January 2013 as the Sales & Marketing Director. He is in charge of managing and developing the client’s portfolio, as well as strategic planning.

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Beyond Content Marketing

One of the buzz terms of 2013 undoubtedly was ContentMarketing. More and more brands sought to enhance their SEO performance by developing content that would pique the interest, and clicks, of customers. However, there has to be a concern that such activity does not go much beyond the realm of ‘click-bait’ as it’s called. Often content, such as infographics, are used to sell something to…


Branding Augmented Reality

Founder of AR pioneers Blippar, Ambarish Mitra, had some interesting observations to make in a year-end interview with The challenge of educating consumers about the term Augmented Reality is one that has exercised Matra, with the company seeking to foster widespread adoption of the term ‘blipp’ as a verb. Over at Daqri the team there prefer to use the concept of 4D as a…

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AR education and brand opportunity

The opportunity for Augmented Reality to enhance the learning experience is one that is increasingly being recognized by educators. And it’s a space that AR developers are keen to exploit. Recently in the UK, app developers ooh-AR launched a GCSE Maths revision tool to enable students to have a more immersive learning experience. The app allows learners to interact with animated graphics and there…


Ferry Piekart

Ferry Piekart studied Journalism and Cultural Anthropology, and then went on to become an expert in storytelling. Ferry has been working for museums, television companies and (educational) publishers. At the Netherlands Architecture Institure, he developed the app ‘UAR’ (Urban Augmented Reality). In 2010, UAR was the first mobile application to use 3D models on a large scale, within the Layar engine. The app showed…