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Blippar breakthrough for AR Advertising

Last week’s announcement of the launch of Blippar Glass marks a significant milestone in the development of Google Glass as a marketing platform. It marks something of a technical breakthrough, as it had been assumed that Glass relatively low power system did not lend itself to the complexity of AR. While Glass is not yet available to the general public, the app will be available for the developer community – undoubtedly among them digital marketing agencies anxious to explore the possibilities for marketing purposes. And the possibilities are surely rich…point-of-sale information for special offers leaping from FMCG packs on shelves, outdoor billboards that beam out real-time, context specific messages to Glass wearers, and of course, more immersive experiences that build brand affinity. Already Blippar has a gold-chip list of clients such as Google, Coca-Cola, Nike and Sony who use Blippar’s technology on smart-phone and tablet technology. Now that base is set to expand to wearables.