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Conference Review: AR Marketing, Dublin

The 2nd Augmented Reality Marketing Conference will take place in Croke Park Conference Centre, Dublin on April 29th, 2015 . More details HERE.

Below is a report on the highly successful inaugural conference.

From Doubting Thomases to Confirmed Evangelists, the audience at the inaugural Augmented Reality Marketing Conference held in Dublin’s Guinness Storehouse on April 15th, 2014, were treated to an array of speakers and AR tech that left a strong impression. An impressive audience of 125 delegates from Ireland, United States, UK, Netherlands and France, registered for the event representing clients, agencies and technology companies.

As the first AR conference to specifically target marketers, the recurring theme from speakers was how to raise both awareness and adoption among this audience. Several speakers acknowledged that often AR is seen as gimmicky. For some, such as the highly entertaining Jeff Coghlan from Matmi, this was something to be celebrated. Others took a more sanquine view – with several speakers such as Jess Butcher from Blippar and DAQRI’s Brian Mullins advocating that the term augmented reality itself has perhaps been bonded to the image of something gimmicky. The technology needed to be shown to add value for clients  as speaker James Dearsley from The Digital Marketing Bureau explained “Augmented reality is something which needs to be explained as ‘to grow something stronger’ he said.

AR Marketing Conference 2014

Throughout the day speakers were at pains to emphasise that storytelling has to be at the heart of more widespread adoption of AR. Dutch duo of Mathjis Gajentaan and Ferry Piekart treated the audience to an entertaining set of examples to illlustrate the power of AR to bring brand experience to life – including the appearance of a T-Rex in the conference room at one stage!

panel discussion

Dave Lorenzini, from The Glasswear Foundry, was much in demand for consultations and to give delegates their first chance to sample Google Glass. His presentation was a tour de force treatment of how wearable technology is set to dramatically accelerate the adoption of AR technologies as it reduces the friction consumers currently experience when having to use phones or tablets.


Overall, the conference delegates were fullsome in their praise for the event, with significant interest in the event from the media too, including national press, national broadcasters, trade magazines, and online media.

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Take a look at some of the images from the day here.

And thanks to for the fantastic synopsis video they produced at the event – features interviews with Dave Lorenzini ( Glasswear Foundry ) , Brian Mullins ( DAQRI ) , Andrew Jenkinson ( vStream ) and Alex Gibson ( DIT).