Dave Lorenzini

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Dave Lorenzini is an augmented reality visionary and entrepreneur driven to change the way people look at the world. A career of pioneering work in visualization, internet and augmented reality fields has resulted in new ways to see and interact with the world and each other, including Keyhole.com, which was acquired by Google and online today as “Google Earth” with over a billion users worldwide.

Visit www.davelorenzini.com for a glimpse of what’s next, and bring your company into the augmented, smart glasses era with help from GlasswareFoundry.com

20/20 Vision and Augmented Results

Talk Overview: With an explosion in Smart Glasses and Augmented Reality technology, it’s time to change the way consumers see your brand and products. Learn how to use what’s here and coming to attract, engage, and capture new business with entertaining, personalized, & tracked campaigns that deliver Augmented Results.