Dr. Kavin Andi

In 2012 Kavin was awarded the Norman Rowe Clinical Prize by the British Association of Oral & Maxillo-Facial Surgeon for his research in Augmented Reality, Surgical Robotics, and 3D Surgical Planning. His research and practices have been life-saving as is demonstrated here. Kavin has his own website where he explores some of the more advanced technologies behind the operating room. In his presentation to AR Marketing Conference he will show how he uses 3D technology to help plan complex surgery for patients who need to have facial reconstruction particularly after cancer treatment.

Dr. Andi sees as the main challenge to using AR more in the medical arena as being the resolution of current AR glasses. He feels it is not high enough for use in his surgery. Binocular higher resolution visual aids would be a great step forward. However he does foresee much of the 3D preparatory work that he currently undertakes migrating from the pre-operative setting to real-time AR use in theater, with applications for image guidance for cancer surgery, anesthetic airway management and medical education in the wider context.

His presentation “Rebuilding Faces using AR -Why We Have to Make The Future Now”  will explore how 3D technologies and Augmented Reality will become essential to healthcare practitioners in all surgical specialties.