Enara Artetxe González

The area of Education is one where AR has enormous potential applications…among the panel contributors from 2015 conference was  Enara Artetxe González – Co-founder & CTO of CreativiTIC Innova

In 2011 Gonzales co-founded CreativiTIC Innova – www.creativitic.es – a R&D factory with ongoing national and FP7 projects that works with Augmented and Mixed Reality technologies to offer innovative and creative solutions in fields such as education, bio-health, marketing and tourism.

A telecommunications Engineer with a background in development, mobile apps and 3D environments, she is in charge of researching the introduction of the latest technologies in the different sectors of the company.

Techy by definition, she has come to learn of the value of technology to enhance people’s lives, independently of the field it is used in.

In CreativiTIC, she has participated in various projects, including a FP7 project of Technology-Enhanced Learning, E2LP – www.e2lp.org, where she is member of the Technical Committee and leader of the Work Package that brings Augmented Reality to Electronic Laboratories in Computer Engineering, and a health-tech 3D-VR project, VIRUSES – www.3dviruses.com, along with CIBIR, the Biomedical Research Centre of La Rioja. She also counts on several IEEE conference and journal publications and is currently participating in the publication of a book under the E2LP project scope.

In 2012, she co-founded Sonnar Labs www.sonnarlabs.com a Startups’ Lab fully dedicated to bringing new sensorial inputs to the Augmented Reality technologies.

Her personal motivation, along with her colleagues, of further exploring the combination of disruptive technologies and education, resulted in January 2014 in a new entrepreneurial project to democratize Augmented Reality in Education, Augmented Class! www.augmentedclass.com, launched as a spin-off project of CreativiTIC through its R&D Accelerator Lab.