Ferry Piekart

Ferry-Piekart-photoFerry Piekart studied Journalism and Cultural Anthropology, and then went on to become an expert in storytelling. Ferry has been working for museums, television companies and (educational) publishers.

At the Netherlands Architecture Institure, he developed the app ‘UAR’ (Urban Augmented Reality). In 2010, UAR was the first mobile application to use 3D models on a large scale, within the Layar engine. The app showed a collection of non-existing buildings from the past and the future, within the city, exactly where they were designed to be.

Ferry initiated the project and focussed on ways to integrate AR in storytelling in order to make the technology relevant for users. Ferry collaborates with AR company Twnkls (Rotterdam) on several projects, ‘Museum op de Markt’ being one of them.

Talk title: ‘Getting past the possibilities’

Talk Overview: ‘Everyone loves Augmented Reality (“AR”) when they come across it. We love it so much that we want Google Glass without even knowing what to use it for. We want AR in our phones to see in what direction we have to go, even though a simple map may do a better job.

We love technology; we love the possibilities that loom in the future.

Now it’s our turn to help technology become really useful to people’