Gerben Harmsen

Gerben Harmsen –

Founder of twnkls / augmented reality –

After a successful 18 years of setting up internet companies and managing online projects Gerben moved to a new business opportunity in the combined areas of Mobile, Real time 3D and Augmented Reality. He feels in “optima forma” when dealing with projects that integrate useful concepts, user-friendly interaction, innovative technical science and drive new business opportunities. Gerben always works from the user benefit point of view. Experiences in the mixed reality zone are his passion.

TWNKLS is a full-service AR company that focuses on the creation, development, production and implementation of mobile AR applications. Their clients are represented in the cultural, retail, edutainment, marketing & branding, construction& industry sectors. TWNKLS is creative and innovative, and has ample technical knowledge and experience in the area of Augmented Reality. With a team of experienced specialists they are developing new location-and image based recognition technologies that result in new forms of interaction, user experience and business concepts.