Martinus van de Ruitenbeek

Martinus van de Ruitenbeek Martinus van de Ruitenbeek is a specialist in software development for Civil Engineering design purposes. He received his PhD on evolutionary, unconscious design support at the Delft University of Technology and teached BIM and parametric design for a couple of years.

In his professional life at VolkerWessels, he attempts to apply new technologies such as virtual reality and serious gaming to daily design problems together with a group of motivated engineers. Examples include a driving simulator using the Oculus Rift, QR codes on design documents, apps for engineering and paperless on-site quality control, smartwatches, safety trainings using the accessible Google Cardboard 3D glasses and a dedicated app market for designers.

He is both fascinated and terrified by artificial intelligence that might get a touch of consciousness. He proposed designing a virtual designer and fears to meet it. Apart from software development he stimulates creativity in the form of inspiring facilities and group techniques that provoke out-of-the-box thinking, in the hope that human intelligence will prevail.

Having his origins in South Africa, snowed mountain tops that touch the explosively starlit cosmos are his icing. The endlessness of things. Simplicity matters as complexity grows.

Among the world-renowned innovators in construction technologies at Technological University of Delft, Netherlands, van de Ruitenbeek will be speaking at the conference’s Industrial AR Track, where he will be discussing how AR can help in creating intelligent buildings, engineering level conflict resolution, averting planning issues, and assist in the operation and maintenance of buildings.