Pepsi Max AR campaign proves virality of good execution

The Pepsi Max London “Unbelievable Bus Shelter” is part of the brand’s broader Unbelievable campaign. The effect on audiences was immediate and propelled the brand to the top of the weekly viral charts. The Unbelievable campaign was best illustrated by the Jeff Gordon test-drive campaign. This campaign features roaming Siberian tigers, alien invasions and fireballs descending from the sky. What this London campaign shows is just how popular from a viral point of view AR can actually be. The candid camera approach is cleverly employed to maximum effect and of course shows how the relatively small investment in the AR installation can have a real ‘wow’ effect with consumers. It’s also a campaign that has raised consciousness among the public of augmented reality. The use of this technology, which requires no apps, no Google Glass, no wearables, is likely to be at the vanguard of the roll-out of augmented reality into mainstream adoption.